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Wild & Game

Ethically sourced and sustainable Wild and Game meats.

The UK & Ireland  have a long history of venison consumption, and it remains a sought-after delicacy known for its lean and flavourful characteristics. There are several species of deer in the UK that provide venison, with red deer and roe deer being the most common, with all game meats UK & Ireland , the hunting and sale of venison are regulated to ensure sustainable practices and the protection of wildlife populations.

Red Deer: The meat from red deer is rich and robust in flavour, it’s often considered one of the finest types of venison.

Roe Deer: Roe deer are smaller than red deer and are known for their tender meat with a milder flavour. 

Fallow Deer: Fallow deer provide venison with a distinct flavor that’s often described as mild and tender. 

Sika Deer:  Sika have been introduced to the UK from Asia, their venison is dark, rich, and mild gamey taste.

Roe Deer

Boneless Haunch 4 cuts

Roe Deer

Bone in (with Shank)

Roe Deer

Bone in Loin  or Boneless

Roe Deer

Boneless Shoulder or Bone in